Want a public health project done free?

I have two written pieces of work due in the next few weeks for my Social Policy Health and Welfare unit (as part of my Masters) and I could  undertake them, free, for youScreenshot_20170409-141830

  • A mini literature review and needs assessment in a public health setting (1500 words)
  • An analysis and evaluation of a health promotion intervention (2500 words).

If you think that you have a suitable project area for a literature review, or want an evaluation of a health intervention, OR BOTH, let me know.  

Rather than spend my time on doing something that’s only for assessment, I’d rather be helping the sector that I love – which is always operating on a shoestring – if someone has the need.

I’m happy to undertake the work, donating my time to you for free.  If there are disbursements involved we will need to agree who will pay them.

Please contact me on davidpuls@becomingchange.com.au with any ideas in the first instance by COB 14 April 2017

What I will need from you if we decide it’s mutually beneficial will include:

  • Access to you or a staff/team member for a reasonable amount of time in a short timeframe,
  • A willingness to attest to the fact that the work done is wholly mine (for study purposes),
  • An agreement as to the approximate number of hours that I will spend on the assessment for you (if you want something bigger/using more hours then we can agree something outside of the assessment),
  • An agreement as to copyright, publication and further use,
  • An agreement regarding any disbursements.

Please get in contact if you have questions or want to discuss anything on +61412126006.



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