Marketing: some legal information for NFPs (because NDIS: everyone’s marketing these days)


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As a management consultant that brings together the human and the technical it’s always interesting to me to talk about what the law suggests, and the higher standard NFPs might hold themselves to in delivering human services.

More and more not for profits are increasing their spend on marketing.

In particular there has been a huge shift towards marketing in the disability sector with the introduction of the NDIS.

When I talk to organisations about their proposed marketing strategies it becomes pretty clear that many are using the word interchangeably with advertising. But advertising is a very small part of marketing, and not necessarily a useful part.

Marketing encompasses the service itself, as well as all the ways a customer can experience finding it, having it deliverd, and the after care. Everything in the whole experience should be centred around the customer.

It’s interesting how close the concepts of being person centred and marketing actually are.

Advertising on the other hand can become a costly exercise that adds little benefit. How do your potential clients want to find out about services? Where do they look? When? How?

Much advertising is more of a scattergun approach. The problem with advertising can be that often organisations just copy their potential competators, and so everyone’s costs go up for no real gain.

That’s one of the not so legal questions I got to touch on when I was invited by Noelene Gration of Agility Communications and Connections to do a podcast with her on some of the legal issues around marketing in the NFP sector.

The podcast contains legal information only, and not legal advice of course. If you have specific questions about your practice please contact a practising solicitor.

In the podcast we talk about privacy, online marketing, and what it means to be person centred, and other marketing/law related topics.

The link to the podcast is here

If you have any questions about marketing then feel free to contact Noelene at Agility, or on 0408 218 954

I’m available as a management consultant – using leaswrship, management and legal skills in the pursuit of social justice.


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