New Year Resolve Melts. One tip and one challenge…

THIS is THE YEAR to reach your corporate goals.  My challenge to you.

(David Puls; becoming/change blog).

Just like the cake in MacArthur Park, new year resolutions have a habit of melting away.  But THIS year I want you to achieve your business, corporate, and work goals (and any personal ones too, but we’re here for the business today).

So here’s one tip, and one challenge to get you to achieve your goals.

The tip: write them down.

The single biggest tip that I can give you is – write your goals down.  Depending on which study you read it seems you’re at least 42% more likely to achieve your goals if they’re written down.  Even more likely if you share your goals.  More likely again if you update someone on progress.

There’s lots of other science around goal setting, but let’s just go with this one thing that can make a significant difference.

The challenge.

Tell me your goals.  It’s that simple.  It won’t cost you anything.

If you email me your goals I will set up an email to send them back to you in a month.  (Or you set up your own email to send you your goals in the future).

Of course this is about business and I’m happy to take you on for corporate coaching (, but no obligation – just try the experiment and see if it makes a difference for you.


I approached David to be my coach when I was stuck in my career with no idea how to leave or where to go. 

At our very first session David helped me work out what I wanted and from there it all took off. Working with David gave me the courage I needed to change.

David is wise and has a wealth of experience and knowledge which he brings to our coaching sessions.  I value his clarity of thought and his ability to keep me focused.   

David is constantly learning and thinking and practicing what he preaches which is something I really respect.

I trust David completely.  My professional development is in very good hands.

Susan Heyne, Former CEO now avant-garde go-getter of Feme Sole.

David Puls, becoming/change





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