becoming/change – about the firm and the founder

If you have reached this blog through the becoming/change website then you probably know most of the “abouts”, but here they are for others, or those that want to read them again. (Or go to the website here).

What’s not explained on the web site: the becoming/change logo(s)  Everything is about change.  The world we live in changes both too quickly and too slowly.  Helping with change is my work, in one way or another… whether coaching an individual, implementing organisation change, or running mental health workshops.  Oh yeah, we’re talking about the logo… the seasons constantly change, and so the becoming/change logo changes with the seasons.  The left circle represents leaves and blooms, and the right hand one represents the sky.  Well, at the moment… who can say if the logo has a few more changes to go through… after all, that’s what the adventure is all about.